Catharine “Cat” Stanworth is the owner of SkinbyCat, LLC. Born and raised in England, Cat has traveled extensively. She has worked in over seven countries before settling in the US with her family. Cat is a lifelong vegetarian, proud mother and wife. She lives on a small parcel of land with her husband, two dogs (Mari and Lyric), and two donkeys (Charley and Molly). As a cancer survivor, Cat is passionate about providing holistic care for her clients. She is a longtime supporter of bioidentical hormones medications, gut health regimes, and natural health treatments.


Cat is a Senior Certified Medical Aesthetician (SCMA) and a Senior Certified Laser Tech (SCLT), who received her training from the National Laser Institute (the leading cosmetic school in the nation). She is a specialist in cosmetic laser technology, with experience using some of the most cutting edge technology in the field. With over 10 years experience working with several highly regarded dermatology, plastic surgery, facial, and body surgery practices, Cat is one of the top performing PicoSure laser practitioners worldwide.


Cat has supported thousands of clients of all skin types, and continues to keep up to date with the latest research in the field. Her experiences with a vast number of laser procedures and treatments allow her to form and tailor unique treatment plans for each client and optimize their results.









Holistic Skincare Treatments

With a client-first approach, Cat's passion lies in providing high quality care to her clients. Cat works closely with her clients to create custom-tailored treatment plans that blend the power of skincare and preventative laser treatments to create powerful results with little to no downtime.

Everyone’s skin care needs and goals are different. From scar removal to anti-aging laser treatments, Cat works with her clients to create custom treatments that create lasting results.

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Partnership with Elo Skin

Cat partners with Lacy Yamaoko at Elo Skin in Frisco, Texas.  Lacy is an established aesthetician with a background in luxury social media marketing and a Texas native. Lacy’s skills include a variety of aesthetic treatments including facials, micro-needling, and advanced body sculpting.