Hyperpigmentation & Hypopigmentation

Scars are a part of the healing process, but they do not always go away fully on their own. Learn how our treatments can help.

Types of hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation:

• Age spots

• Lentigines, or liver spots

Top Contributing Factors

Allergic Reactions

Cosmetic Surgery

Medical Surgery

Skin Injury


What is hyper and hypo pigmentation?

After a skin injury, the fibrous tissues break apart causing increased blood supply and collagen build-up. When the healing process is compromised by inflammation or bacteria, it can also affect the scar's appearance. The appearance of scars can vary dramatically depending on the client and injury. They can appear flat, raised or quite deep, while pigmentation can range dramatically.

Common Area Affected

This can affect any area of the body that is affected by trauma, injury, surgery, or other medical procedures.

Can Be Confused With:

• Basal cell carcinoma

• Complex sclerosing lesions

• Malignant tumors

Please Note: It is important to speak with your medical provider or dermatologist first regarding any bump, lesion, or other unknown issue on the skin to rule out more serious skin conditions.

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How We Can Help

A scar is the body's natural way of healing and replacing lost or damaged skin, but there are times when a client would like to minimize their appearance. Using the FDA-Approved PicoSure® laser, Cat works closely with her clients to provide customized laser treatments that effectively reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation, revealing a soft, beautiful complexion. Schedule a consultation free to find out how Cat’s treatments can help you today.

Recommended Treatments

Scar Revision Treatment

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Not only is Cat an amazing skin therapist with magic hands, she is an incredible human being. I have suffered from melasma my entire adult life and have tried everything from hydroquinone to chemical peels, most of which made my skin condition worse. Cat’s picosure laser treatment is the only thing that has successfully removed the debilitating dark spots on my face. Cat has decades of experience under her belt and genuinely wants to help others feel confident in their skin.

Aya Matsuda



Before & After

Patient (35 F) skin started clearing up after 1 treatment.

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